Launch of the ASPIRE Project Materials in Serbia

ICSSPE Joins Partners for the Inclusion of Refugees
09/24/2018 14:01

The first training session of the ASPIRE training resource, aiming to capture the popularity of sport to promote the inclusion of refugees has been successfully launched in Belgrade, Serbia.


The inaugural training course took place on 11th September at the Sports Centre of the Serbia Association of Football. Teachers, sports coaches, interpreters as well as social and aid workers participated in a combination of physical activities, martial arts, creative arts, and discussions. Recurring themes included the challenges facing immigrant children entering Europe, intercultural dialogue, and psychological and social support.


Richard Bailey from ICSSPE gave a presentation on the importance of psychosocial support for refugees, and the appropriate response to trauma. He also shared some martial arts activities that are consistent with the ASPIRE approach.


Orsolya Tolnay, coordinator the ASPIRE programme said:

I am glad I had the opportunity to participate in this historic first-ever ASPIRE training session, and see our developments in practice. It has been inspiring to meet these local heroes, who dedicate their lives daily to children’s well-being, and it is interesting to learn how they can use ASPIRE to support the needs of refugee children.


ASPIRE training sessions will take place throughout Europe. The team behind ASPIRE hopes to make a real impact on the lives of the many thousands of refugees through sport and play. The response of the inspirational participants in this first training session give reason to hope that it might work out well!


Note: ASPIRE – Activity, Sport, Play for the Inclusion of Refugees in Europe is an international project that focuses on social inclusion in relation to people who are at risk of exclusion, especially refugees. It seeks to establish how sports clubs can best support the inclusion of migrants and refugees building on the wide popularity of sport and other forms of physical activity.


For more information, see the ASPIRE website.