International Conference on Global Peace

05/11/2011 11:10


From 18 - 21 October, 2011, the International Conference on Physical Activity & Sports for Global Peace and Development will be held at the University of Delhi, India.


As hosts of the conference, the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences and Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, both of the University of Delhi, India, invite participants from physical education, sport science and sport administration along with all other interested parties to discuss the following sub-themes:


  • Physical Activity and Holistic Personality Development;
  • Philosophical and Pedagogical Issues in P.E. & Sports;
  • Physical Activity and Health;
  • P.E. And Sports in the Emerging Indian Economy;
  • Recreation and Sport Management Practices;
  • Sport, Policy and Politics;
  • Sports and Conflict Resolutions;
  • Sports Engineering for Poverty Eradication;
  • Contemporary and Emerging issues in Physical Education and Sports;
  • Socio-psychological and Cultural issues in Sports and Physical Education;
  • Gender issues in Physical Education and Sports;
  • Information and Telecommunication Technology in Physical Education and Sports;
  • Contemporary issues in Exercise Physiology, Sports Sciences and Performance;
  • Contemporary issues in Sports Psychology and Performance;
  • Allied sciences and its role in development of Sports.


Abstracts are invited and must be received by 30 June, 2011.


For more information, including abstract submission details, please visit