ICSSPE Welcomes New Member

Bahrain Association of Sports Medicine and Sports Science
01/05/2021 17:31

ICSSPE met Dr Noor Janahi of the Bahrain Association of Sports Medicine and Sports Science (BASMASS), one of ICSSPE’s latest members to learn about their current projects, goals and objectives for the ICSSPE membership.


ICSSPE: Please give our readers a better understanding of yourself and your organisation.


Janahi: The Bahrain Association of Sports Medicine and Sports Science is a non-governmental organisation and the main and official reference for sports medicine and sports science in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It was founded and established in July 2020 by ten members who are coming from different expert areas involved in sports medicine and science.


Based on our vision, to be the official reference for sports medicine and sports science in the region, our mission is to contribute to the development of sports medicine and sports science services in the Kingdom in coordination with the relevant government bodies; to work on developing specialists in sports medicine and sports science and advance their expertise through continuing medical and professional learning programmes; to conduct education programmes for athletes to improve performance and to prevent sports injuries;  and to spread awareness in the society of the importance of sport as a healthy way of life.


ICSSPE: We assume that all these are based on your organisation’s values?


Janahi: Yes, our values are: Athlete First: We strive to deliver the best to every athlete every day; Integrity: We communicate openly and conduct ourselves at highest ethical standards; Respect: We treat each individual with the highest professionalism and dignity; Transparency: We embrace open communication with our members; Teamwork: Our effectiveness is built on cultural diversity of everyone working with mutual respect.


ICSSPE: Can you tell us briefly about the ongoing projects of the organisation?


Janahi: We are currently working on establishing a national register for sports injuries in collaboration with the Supreme Council of Health and different hospitals in Bahrain. We are also working on a campaign for safe cycling on the roads, since we noticed rise in the number of traffic injuries against cyclists. We are also utilising this COVID time to reach athletes through our educational videoconferences.


ICSSPE: What are the future plans and goals?


Janahi: Our future goal is to be a part of the establishment of the largest sports medicine and sports science facility in the region which will cater to all athletes and treat all kinds of sports injuries and musculoskeletal disorders and enhance athlete’s performances. We also wish to start higher study programmes in the field of sports medicine and sciences in joint efforts with local universities and international sports medicine associations and institutes.


ICSSPE: As a new ICSSPE member, what do you envision for future cooperations with ICSSPE?


Janahi: Taking into account the firm belief of our leadership and the strong track record of the founders of BASMASS, we strongly believe that by joining ICSSPE, we will establish an international affiliation which will not only support Bahrain but will also establish opportunities for international partners to play a crucial role in BASMASS. 


ICSSPE: What are you most looking forward to regarding ICSSPE membership?


Janahi: This honourable affiliation with such a prestigious association is very exciting, it will allow us the opportunity to work together in offering educational and training materials for our members.


ICSSPE: How has the current situation with Covid-19 impacted your organisation?

Janahi: COVID gave us a chance to reach our target groups via social media and online platforms. We are able to organise videoconferences more efficiently and with less cost and less burden on resources.


ICSSPE: What can ICSSPE membership jointly do to help in this context?

Janahi: ICSSPE can offer us great support by providing expert speakers for our educational activities and also expert guidance in formulating our national policies in many aspects of sports medicine and sports science regulation and legislation. We look forward to avail of ICSSPE strength in helping smaller countries with building capacity.