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24/09/2018 14:08

ICSSPE recently received two reviews of the ICSSPE Perspectives volume ‚ Elite Sport and Sport-for-All: Bridging the Two Cultures? Edited by Richard Bailey and Margaret Talbot. This book – and the rest of the ICSSPE Perspectives series – is still available from both the ICSSPE Office and Routledge (and, of course, thousands of book shops around the world!)


From Sport in History:


The nature of elite sport is perhaps under greater scrutiny now, at least in the British context, than at any time in the history of its current forms. With disciplines from football to equestrianism, or cycling to para-swimming, all finding themselves under the media spotlight over issues outside the competitive arena in recent times, it seems appropriate for the sector's values and culture, as well the ways in which it interacts with the mass participation area, to be re-assessed. In that context, this collection, which brings forward a wealth of ideas and perspectives, is a welcome contribution to that debate.


And from the International Review for the Sociology of Sport:


Bailey and Talbot proffer their readership an edited collection that is timely, with renewed urgency to address social injustices in line with the ever-present elite sport–sport-for-all debate. On balance, they convene leading scholars to contribute in both theoretical and practical regards. Bailey and Talbot draw together varied content from the humanities and social-science disciplines, including philosophy, economics, history, and sociology, with sport as the subject of study for each contribution to this text. As such, sub-fields covered are sport development, sport-for-development, sport management, sociology of sport, sport psychology, and physical education. In all, this renders Bailey and Talbot (2017) Elite Sport and Sport-for-All: Bridging the Two Cultures? suitable for a wide readership in sports studies and sport science which should span undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers and academic scholars.


The idea of the Perspectives series is to produce high quality discussions of current and important topics in sport, sport science, physical activity, and physical education. If your library does not yet hold this series, please consider asking them to do so.


Two new titles are currently in preparation. Managing sport across borders, is edited by Darlene Kluka (USA), Anneliese Goslin (South Africa), Rosa Lopez de D’Amico (Venezuela), and Karen Danylchuk (Canada), and examines key performance areas in sport management that cut across cultural, economic and geographic borders and includes perspectives of recognized sport management experts. It will make a unique contribution to a challenging field.


Sport and Physical Activity in The First Ten Years is in the early stages of development, and will be one of the first texts to offer a comprehensive examination of this most vital but misunderstood phase of human development.


Additional Perspectives titles are as follows:


Perspectives Volume 13

Edited 2018 - ISBN: 978-1-138-05213-0 Ageing, Physical Activity and Health - International Perspectives Edited by Karin Volkwein-Caplan and Jasmin Tahmaseb McConatha


Perspectives Volume 12

Edited 2017 - ISBN: 978-1-13-822343-1 Sport, Education and Social Policy - The State of the Social Sciences of Sport Edited by Gudrun Doll-Tepper, Katrin Koenen, Richard Bailey


Perspectives Volume 11

Edited 2015 ISBN: 978-1-13-882190-3 Elite Sport and Sport-for-All: Bridging the Two Cultures? Edited by Richard Bailey and Margaret Talbot