ICSSPE President's Committee to Support Safe Sport

Athlete Welfare
02/10/2015 17:00

The ICSSPE President's Committee endorses the principles of Safe Sport International to protect athletes against violence and abuse.


Over the past years there has been an increasing awareness of violence and abuse to  athletes and the damaging impact on their physical, emotional and mental health.


To react to existing research evidence, policy responses and a growing demand to secure sport as a place of safety for all, a group of experts on athlete welfare and protection met to develop a global Safe Sport agency. Among these entities are UNICEF, the US Olympic Committee, the International Centre for Sport Security, the Oak Foundation, Brunel University, and the Norwegian College of Sport Science.


Among others, the outcome of their co-operation were the development of a new organisation, called Safe Sport International, as well as the Safe Sport International Declaration and Principles.


The principles demand that welfare, safety and rights of all athletes is the central consideration in the administration and delivery of sport. and encourage co-operation among sport organisations and other appropriate partners.


The ICSSPE President's Committee welcomes the development of principles for a safer sporting environment and express their gratitude to all parties, involved including the co-chairs of Safe Sport International, Celia Brackenridge and Trish Leahy.


To learn more about the initiative and to read the complete list of principles, please click here.


For further information, please contact Celia Brackenridge at celia.brackenridgeatbrunel.ac.uk