ICSSPE Collaborates with Berlin Senate on Advancing Sports Development and Physical Activity

24/06/2024 10:02

In a significant move towards fostering active and inclusive communities, ICSSPE had a productive meeting with the Sports Development and Sports Infrastructure Department of the Senate Department for the Interior and Sport, on the 20th of June at the Berlin Senate.

The discussions during this meeting highlighted a mutual commitment to promoting physical activity and inclusion. Both ICSSPE and the Berlin Senate share a vision of creating vibrant, active cities and communities that encourage physical well-being and social connectivity among all residents.

ICSSPE's global expertise in sports science and physical education, combined with Berlin's strong dedication to sports development, can address the rising concerns of physical inactivity and social isolation by leveraging sports and physical activities as key tools for community engagement and health improvement.

The meeting also explored innovative strategies for scommunity sports programs. By focusing on these areas, ICSSPE and the Berlin Senate aim to build an environment that not only supports elite sports but also encourages everyday physical activities among citizens of all ages and backgrounds.

ICSSPE extends its gratitude to the Berlin Senate team for their enthusiastic engagement.