ICSSPE Biennial Working Programme

3rd Round of ICSSPE’s Funding Programme
04/11/2019 15:21

ICSSPE published its invitation to tender which will allow members of the organisation to apply for grants in the context of the Biennial Working Programme 2019/2020.


The main objective of the Biennial Working Programme 2019/2020 is to support leadership development and the promotion and application of good governance measures in the provision of sport, physical education and physical activity. It acknowledges on-going activities on global and regional, on governmental, nongovernmental and intergovernmental, levels to develop overall compliance

structures, and to ensure good governance processes.


The Biennial Working Programme for 2019/2020 is a systematic follow-up of the

internal restructuring ICSSPE has gone through over the past two and a half years. It aims to promote capacity building among ICSSPE members, their partners, government organisations, sport federations and research institutions.


More information is available in the members’ area on the ICSSPE website.


Please contact Andrea Blume (ablumeaticsspe.org) for additional information.