How to be a Sustainable Champion

International Olympic Committee
10/06/2022 00:00

On the occasion of World Environment Day, the IOC has published a new guide entitled How to be a sustainable champion, which includes a series of practical ideas to help athletes and sports fans live a “planet-friendlier and healthier life”.


Featuring the voices of athletes from around the world, the guide was produced as part of the IOC’s Athlete365 community, with support from the UN Environment Programme (UNEP). It identifies key environmental challenges that need urgent action, linked to climate, biodiversity, waste and pollution.



“With its universal appeal and visibility, sport has the power to help address some of today’s biggest challenges,” said Kaveh Mehrabi, Olympian and Director of the IOC’s Athletes’ Department. “In this guide, Olympians and athletes share their own experiences of tackling these challenges and call for other athletes and sports fans to also play their part.”


The guide can be downloaded HERE 


For more information see IOC website