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As an overarching guidance for the whole organisation, ICSSPE’s governance strategy affects all activities. To ensure a high standard in its governance and continuous improvements, ICSSPE will conduct an annual audit of its governance measures. A written report will then be submitted to the Executive Board by the Executive Director. A complete set of governance documents will be readily available and accessible by the Executive Board and ICSSPE’s members as well as by the ICSSPE office staff.

Any gaps in ICSSPE’s governance revealed in the report will subsequently be addressed. For this purpose, ICSSPE will develop missing governance documents and update existing governance documents including at least the following documents:


  • Statutes;
  • Bylaws;
  • Code of Ethics;
  • Code of Behaviour;
  • Operating Codes;
  • Procedures for office administration;
  • Strategic Plan;
  • Conflict handling procedures;
  • Grievance procedures;
  • Organisational chart indicating relationships and lines of responsibility and accountability between the Executive Director and the Executive Board, the President and the Executive Board, the Executive Board and the General Assembly;
  • A formal annual report reflecting on performace indicators and performance progress;
  • Protocoll for Executive Board meetings;
  • Policy on Whistle Blowing;
  • Policy on Sexual Harassment;
  • Policy on Gender Equality;
  • Future policies.

The documents will complement the legal framework in which ICSSPE is operating. They will be amended or revised based on the reports which are prepared by Board and Committee members and on decisions taken by the General Assembly.


The following officers and staff members are leading on this Key Performance Area:


Prof. Dr Cesar Torres, Vice-President

Prof. Dr Annette Hofmann, Vice-President


Patrick Stolpmann, Executive Director

Patrick Stolpmann (GER) has been the Executive Direct of the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE) since 2023. In his role, he is the link between academic experts, policy makers in governments, public administration and organised sports.


You can contact him at pstolpmann/at/