GAP - Towards Equal Participation in Sport

Project Website Launched
13/12/2022 15:19
The GAP project website is launched to further enhance the project´s objectives. GAP is an Erasmus+ project ICSSPE is currently engaged in. Led by the Unió de Federacions Esportives de Catalunya (UFEC), the project aims to promote women’s participation in sport and to increase the number of female athletes with a federation's license while also promoting inclusive and sustainable sport. ICSSPE is currently conducting a literature review to identify factors that are involved in the gender gap in European sport. The project focuses on female athletes aged 18-50 in sport organisations, federations, clubs, and public authorities, including from vulnerable groups.
The strategic priorities of the GAP project are in line with the recently concluded IWG Women in Sport Conference in New Zealand where inclusion, equity, equality, diversity, sexual discrimination remain key areas to be addressed in sport. Training and tools to further good practices will be developed and offered as well as effective communication strategies. Inclusive and sustainable gender-parity sport events will be set up to raise awareness, sensitise and stimulate women’s involvement in sport.
The project partners include project lead UFEC (Spain), ICSSPE, Sport and Citizenship, the International Sport and Culture Association, the European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation, Maieutica – Cooperativa de Ensino Superior C.R.L. (Portugal), the European Table Tennis Union, MSV Asd Margherita Sport e Vita (Italy), the Catalan Federation of Underwater Activities (Spain) and Wakatobi (Spain). The Italian Basketball Federation is included as collaborator in the project.
The project is running from mid-2022 to mid-2025.
Visit the project website for all the outputs from this project.