The Future of Sport in Small Nations

International Symposium
05/11/2012 15:10

Almost two thirds of the world’s nations have populations of 10 million or less, and almost half of nations have less than 5 million inhabitants. Within the context of globalisation and the rise of sporting super powers such as China, Russia, USA and India, what will be the future of sport for small nations?



The Future of Sport in Small Nations symposium will take place at New Zealand’s national school of physical education, the University of Otago, in Dunedin from 21-23 November 2012.  This international symposium seeks to explore the social significance of sport in small nations.  With a view to linking theory, best practice and social policy, key notes speeches by internationally renowned experts, and special panel discussions and interactive workshops that permit a broad range of perspectives to be drawn upon, will aim to address issues such as:


  • The social significance of sport: How do and how should small nations measure the “value” of sport?
  • Government sport policy in small nations: What are the unique strategies, policies and programmes put in place by small nations in order to be successful?
  • Globalisation, sport and national identity: Does sport play a more significant role in the formation of national identity in smaller nations and if so what are some of the potential consequences both positive and negative?
  • The strategic use of sport for tourism: What are the implications of small nations bidding for and hosting global sport mega-events?