FIFA Master 20th Edition

Final Project Conference
08/03/2020 15:54

This year’s 20th edition FIFA Masters final project conference took place online. The postgraduate students presented their research projects and sports industry hot topics.


The following papers were presented:


Once It’s Up There, There is No Taking it Back: How Can Football Stakeholders Make Use of Social Media in their Combat Against Racism? - Kevin Goco (Philippines), Evita Schippers (The Netherlands), Muhammed Ziyaad Desai (Botswana), Han Bits Yi (South Korea)


Para-Ganda, Cyborgification, and Ambiguous Success in Parasport: An Analysis of a Complex Relationship - Serge Arnaud Assume Assume (Gabon), Grégoire Dayde (France), Stephanie Holmes (Australia/Italy), Mahmoud Qaraqra (Palestine)


They Are Not Referees But They Are Blowing The Whistle: How Are Whistleblowers Impacting The Integrity of Sporting Governance? - Sara Bilali (Morocco), Yash Chugh (India), Igor Markovic (Italy/Bosnia/Croatia/Serbia), Taizo Uchida (Japan)


Digitalization in Sports Organizations: Technological Trends and Innovations Driving Fan Engagement outside the Stadium - Sanaa Darawsha (Israel), Rishab Kapur (India), Alexandre Matsuo (France/Japan), Caitkie Ranchhordas Vaghjee (Mauritius)


Balancing Books and Balls: An Athlete-centric Approach to Women’s Football - Bonnie Mugabe (Rwanda), Tyson Scott (Australia), Erika Urbina Echeverría (Costa Rica), Bruno Van Hellemont (Belgium)


A study of Fan Control: Should fans be more than spectators? - Dagiorto Carrera (Peru), Laura Judd (Australia), Jean Lee (South Korea/Canada), Eduardo Tavares (Portugal/Germany)

Should the Olympics Engage with Esports to Attract the Next Generation? Exploring Scenarios for a Possible Alliance - James Cronin (UK), Isak Hwang (South Korea), Diego Martinez (Chile), Alexe Viaud (France)


The Globalized Game: Is FIFA´s National Team Eligibility Criteria for Players Up to date with the World´s Reality? - Luis Brevé Mazzoni (Honduras/USA), Pacôme Goïc (France), Violet Jubane (Zimbabwe), Gustav Maximo Salvestrini Raskov (USA/Argentina/Italy)


Streaming of the session is available on CIES Youtube channel.