Exercise Science in the Ancient World

ICSSPE Bulletin 2016 – Call for Papers
06/10/2015 14:19

Suresh Harihar Deshpande, editor for the October 2016 Bulletin is inviting proposals for papers for the special feature Exercise Science in the Ancient World.


The editor is reconfirming that sport has remained an inseparable part of human civilization. Scientific studies of icons and human statues found in countries like Greece, Italy, India and others reveal the fact that these cultures had well developed concepts of human physique and body development; the proportions of various limbs and body parts in relation to height and weight, measures and techniques of such a development.

It seems that already in those times there has been a scientific approach to human stature and development Considering progress in subjects like anthropometry, iconology, anatomy, physiology, dietetics etc in those times, the fact that concepts of Gymnastics and Athletics have been imported from Greek and Latin vocabulary and finally the implementation of Ancient Olympic Games for about 1000 years, together suggest that that there might have been a 'Science of Exercise'. The intention of the planning for the Bulletin October 2016 is to collect existing information and encourage research for this specific question. Contributions from all over the world and especially from Greece, Italy, Japan, China, and India would be welcome.


1. Contributors are asked to consider the following formal requirements:

  • Only English-language articles can be accepted. Please use British spelling
  • Typical Special Feature articles should be around 3,000 to 3,500 words long.
  • Please start with an abstract laying out the content of the article to follow.
  • The ICSSPE Bulletin uses APA referencing. Please adhere to this format. For an excellent APA style guide, please visit https://owl.english.purdue.edu.
  • Kindly make sure to list all references cited in the text in your bibliography and vice versa.
  • Graphics and pictures are welcome, but must be in a high resolution.
  • Please ensure that all graphics are appropriately captioned.
  • List every author’s full name, position as well as up to two authors’ contact details (email and postal address) under your article. Your name(s) should also be included directly under the article title.

2. The timeline: All articles for the Special Feature will have to be sent to the editor, Suresh Harihar Deshpande (shdeshpande40atgmail.com) by 15 July 2016.