Executive Board Elections

International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education
09/10/2012 09:45

Elections to the Executive Board  were held in July during the General Assembly in Glasgow, Scotland. The elected members are as follows:

Margaret Talbot, re-elected President

Uri Schaefer, elected Vice-President Science

Wolfgang Baumann, elected Vice-President Programmes and Services

Susi-Käthi Jost, re-elected Treasurer

Walter Ho, re-elected Vice-President

Anneliese Goslin, elected Executive Board member

Jiang Zhixue, re-elected Executive Board member

Darlene Kluka, elected Executive Board member

Rosa López de D’Amico, elected Executive Board member

Claude Scheuer, elected Executive Board member


Each member will hold a term from 1 January 2013 – 31 December 2016.


Retiring members are Herbert Haag, Speaker Associations' Board, Walter Mengisen, Vice-President and Victor Matsudo, Vice-President.


For more information and the complete list of Executive Board Members please see the 'about ICSSPE' section of our website: www.icsspe.org/about/structure