Development through Sport

Additional Funds for Sport Clubs in Berlin
11/14/2016 13:05

The State of Berlin, Germany, is funding sport programmes for specific target groups.


Since 2014, sport clubs in Berlin can apply for extra funds if they provide additional services for specific social groups or purposes. In this way, senior citizens, girls and women, persons with a disability and a migration background can benefit from a programme, the so called Teilhabeprogramm which the Senate of the Interior and Sport has set up. 


Programmes and projects, implemented during the funding period 2014 and 2015 were now evaluated by ICSSPE. Most of the 17 initiatives that reached a couple thousand people in Berlin, were found to be successful. The extensive list of projects included Wendo for girls with and without a hearing impairment, archery for persons with a disability, Petanque for senior citizens and adolescents, as well as wheelchair basketball for school children.