Development through Social Media

Berlin, Germany
10/10/2012 16:06

The ICSSPE team believes that the positive use of Social Media can bring together individuals and organisations from the world of sport, science and education.  This developing form of communication not only helps to spread stories of inspiring athletes and share new sport initiaves but also facilitates better communication and coordination between sport organisations and between these organisations and there sponsors. 


“We see this as a challenge and as a chance to improve our visibility ,” explains ICSSPE Executive Director Detlef Dumon. “Although this very fast method of communication requires a permanent output of relevant information, in exchange it offers followers a dynamic exchange of events and activities as well as the opportunity to get in touch with the very diverse global community of sport and physical education.”


Through this new initiative ICSSPE hopes to reach a wider audience while continuing to share new and exciting programmes, events and scientific articles in the field of physical education and sport.


ICSSPE can now be followed on Twitter (@icsspe) and on Facebook ('like' -