Darlene Kluka Honoured

10/11/2011 08:20


During the recent ICSSPE Board meetings in Israel, Darlene Kluka was presented the Philip Noel-Baker Research Award for her outstanding contribution to sport science at the international level.


Kluka has dedicated her work especially to the field of women and sport as well as vision and sport, and has already been inducted into the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) Hall of Fame for her strong engagement. Amongst others, she has been President of the International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women (IAPESGW), and is a founding member of the USA Volleyball Sports Medicine and Performance Commission. Additionally, she was Vice President of USA Volleyball and served as a member of the United States Olympic Committee.


For ICSSPE, Kluka has held several positions including Treasurer, Chair of the Editorial Board and member of the Executive Board. Since 2008, she has been professor at Barry University, USA, and currently serves there as the Interim Dean for the School of Human Performance and Leisure Sciences, which encompasses sport and exercise science, sport management, physical education and athletic training.


Lord Philip Noel-Baker, Nobel Peace Prize winner and former President of ICSSPE, after whom the award is named, would have “valued highly, the attributes and contributions which Darlene has made, both to the international community of sport science and physical education and in the USA, and to ICSSPE`s work and achievements” says Margaret Talbot, ICSSPE President. “Darlene is a supreme ‘giver’ - always willing to help, whether in the lead or in support [...]. As ICSSPE President, I was pleased that the President`s Committee nominated her, and the Executive Board unanimously supported her nomination for the Phillip Noel-Baker Research Award. As Darlene`s friend, and recipient of so many kindnesses and shared experiences, I was very happy that she has received a prestigious award, which she richly deserves”, Margaret Talbot further explains.


“I am pleased and proud that Darlene Kluka, one of Barry University`s academic leaders, has received the Philip Noel-Baker Research Award. She is deserving of this award in very many ways”, says Linda Peterson, Provost of Barry University. “Through her exceptional enthusiasm, drive and leadership, faculty and students in the School of Human Performance and Leisure Sciences are doing more research than ever. The University community joins me in congratulating Prof. Kluka on this prestigious award”, Peterson continues.


“The past years have been a complete joy for me to serve sport science and physical education at the international level. I am grateful that a vital professional organisation thought my contributions were indicative of such an honour. It is an absolute honour and delight to have been selected by the ICSSPE President`s Committee for the Philip Noel Baker Research Award”, said Kluka welcoming the award.


For more information about the Philip Noel-Baker Research Award please click here or contact the ICSSPE Office at icsspeicsspe.org.