Content Development Underway

MINEPS V Working Groups
09/10/2012 09:50

The international working groups for MINEPS V topics 2 and 3 will be meeting in the coming weeks to begin content development.


Topic 3 'Preserving the Integrity of Sport' international working group meeting will be held in Paris on the 14th September 2012, at the UNESCO Headquarters. The focus of the meeting will be:

  • Contemporary and international issues concerning the increase of corruption, match-fixing and illegal betting in sport
  •  Measures taken by governments, international sport federations and intergovernmental organisations and the associated repercussions


The international working group for topic 2 'Promoting Investment in Sport and Physical Education Programmes' will meet in Aalborg, Denmark on 20 September, 2012. Working group 2 will discuss how to enhance public funding and policy makers’ commitment to supporting sport and physical education and the associated health benefits, as well as the bidding process, legacy and socio-economic impacts of large scale sporting events.


Each group will collect and compile information to be drafted into recommendations based on current research and global trends.


Invitations for participation at MINEPS V will be sent, and the MINEPS V website will be online by the end of November.


For more information please email: