Communities and Crisis

Psychosocial Interventions
09/10/2012 09:40

The programme of 'Community and Crisis – Development through Sport' seminar is now ready.


The participation of renowned speakers and workshop facilitators in the fields of social work and adapted physical activity has been confirmed. Speakers will include researchers, academics and representatives of international organisations, as well as expert practitioners, who will ensure interactive learning. This diverse panel of professionals will provide information and hands-on activities that will close the gap between theory and practice.


The following thematic will be developed during the seminar:

  • Trauma-relief and psycho-social interventions in crisis and disaster situations
  • Sporting issues and challenges in crisis areas including a focus on gender and disabilities
  • Funding, monitoring and evaluation of sport for development programmes


Practical sessions will be organised allowing participants to build rich exchanges with others and to develop a better understanding of the importance of team work when creating sport and physical activity programmes in crisis situations.


The seminar will take place from 27 – 31 October, 2012 in Rheinsberg, Germany.


For programme and registration information please visit the seminar web page: