Budo for Peace

04/11/2012 07:00

Budo for Peace (BFP) is an organisation that works in the Middle East towards the inclusion of women, immigrants, youth with disabilities and youth-at-risk in sport.


One of their many projects is the production of a documentary called Shadya that follows an Israeli Arab girl from a traditional Muslim home in an Arab village in the Galilee. It outlines the difficulties she faces when dealing with tradition, religion, heritage and nationality in her quest to become a world karate champion representing Israel.


Danny Hakim, Founder and President of Budo for Peace, describes the documentary as one that ´embodies the main tenets of our organisation namely- promoting gender equality, tolerance, respect and co-existence within all ethnic communities.´


The film was recently selected to be part of the United States´Public Broadcast Services (PBS) online film festival to celebrate International Women´s Day and Women´s History Month.  It was also purchased by PBS for screening as part of a series and won first place at the 2005 Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival.


Excerpts from the film can be seen on the ITVS mosaic website, which also contains educational and support materials to improve access and equality for women and girls.  Please visit www.womenandgirlslead.org.


For more information on Budo for Peace, please visit www.budoforpeace.org