Blended Learning in Physical Education

ICSSPE Grant for University of One Project Accepted
09/17/2019 12:29

The project Blended Learning to Enhance the Learning of Physical Education in Central Java Province – Indonesia run by the Faculty of Sports Science of the Negeri Semarang University has been awarded the 2019/2020 ICSSPE Biennial Working Programme Grant.


The aim of the project, which is run by Professor Tandiyo Rahayu is to improve the ability of physical education teachers to use technology in physical education classes. At a later stage, these teachers will also be provided with capacity building programmes to support themselves leadership development programmes.


The main objective of the ICSSPE 2019/2020 Biennial Working Programme is to support leadership development and the promotion and application of good governance measures in the provision of sport, physical education and physical activity. It acknowledges new and ongoing activities on global and regional, on governmental, nongovernmental and intergovernmental levels to develop overall compliance structures, and to ensure good governance processes.


In the context of this programme ICSSPE members were invited to apply for grants which they could use for research, education and policy development initiatives.