The Association For International Sport for All

Advancing the Global Sport for All Movement
02/24/2014 10:08

TAFISA (The Association For International Sport for All) is pleased with the recognition the UN has given to the power of sport as a highly effective tool for the betterment of society by announcing its International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.  TAFISA hopes this announcement will heighten awareness amongst local, regional and international bodies alike as to the capacity of sport and physical activity to aid integration, peaceful relations, cross-cultural understanding, reconciliation, and development of both individuals and communities.


Sport and physical activity is the true universal language, uniting individuals in a common passion at every level from the family home, to the community playground, to the international arena.  It defies segregation, exclusion and socio-economic barriers to promote values of discipline, integrity, fair play and equality.  With the power of sport to enable development and peace at the core of many of its existing programs, including the UNSDP supported VIPS (Volunteer Initiative for Peace through Sport), TAFISA is excited to see what developments stem from the announcement of April 6th as the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, and remains enthusiastic to continue working with the UN, UNSDP, UNESCO, ICSSPE and others in this critical field to advance the global Sport for All movement.  



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