The ASK Foundation in Ghana

Supporting Talents in Deprived Communities and Orphanage Homes
06/10/2015 14:07

The Africa Sports Kids (ASK) Foundation, a non-profit organisation working with children and adolescents from disadvantaged backgrounds is starting its second regional and community sports programme.

Established in August 2013, the NGO is managed by professionals who have practiced years of community engagement with children in activities including sports. The ASK Foundation has dealt with issues of anti-social behavior and employability training, thereby creating opportunities for youth and children to develop.


The foundation, which joined ICSSPE after the last sport-for-development seminar “Communities and Crisis” in Rheinsberg, Germany, is seeking to provide young sports personalities with viable opportunities designed to help them lead a more meaningful life and have better prospects for the future.

Mustapha Mohammed, the foundation’s CEO, says “Our constitution seeks to highlight the foundation’s management committee’s commitment to the mission it has set for itself, which is to deliver quality and satisfactory services to the kids and youth in the community. Women’s programmes are on the sidelines of most activities and decision making. It is important to Africa Sports Kids Foundation and agencies to know that they are fully included in our projects. Ideally 50% of the project participants will be women. Our last programme organised in 2013 under the theme Soccer for Education lasted for about three months and was designed to promote school attendance and enhance academic performances in disadvantaged communities.”

The Soccer for Education tournament featured 8 teams from different communities in Nima, a deprived community in Accra, the capital city of Ghana, with many talented children as participants.

The next project, the Hope 4 All Kids Sports Festival, is designed to provide opportunities for children from orphanage homes to engage in sports and physical activities.

The event is not only open for children from disadvantaged communities, but also includes all sports clubs, hobby athletes and school teams. It is meant to create exposure for children who, for financial reasons, cannot otherwise participate in sports.

Organisations and individuals who wish to learn more about the project or who are even considering supporting the team are asked to contact