Application for Hosting of IWG for 2014-2018 Term/ 6th World Conference on Women and Sport

02/18/2013 14:42

The International Working Group on Women and Sport (IWG) has announced the opening of the bidding process to host the IWG Co-Chairpersonship, the IWG Secretariat and the 7th IWG World Conference on Women and Sport. The period for hosting the institutions begins in 2014 and lasts until 2018. Applications are due on 31 March 2013. Legal entities interested in receiving the application materials can access the request form online.


The latest city to host the IWG was Helsinki (Finland),which was preceded amongst others by Sydney (Australia), Montreal (Canada) or Windhoek (Namibia).


Furthermore the IWG has informed about having scheduled the 6th IWG World Conference on Women and Sport for 12-15 June 2014 in Helsinki, Finland. 20 years after the first conference took place in Brighton the sixth edition is dedicated to the theme "Lead the Change, Be the Change". It is arranged by the Finnish Sports Federation in conjunction with the IWG. The organisers invite sports bodies and organisations outside the realm of sport as well as experts from various fields to contribute to the conceptual planning of the conference, e.g parallel sessions, workshops or clinics.


Those interested in exploring options of involvement may contact IWG Conference Manager Aira Raudasoja ( Further information can also be accessed at


Ed.: B. Weinberg