African Women in Sport

05/11/2011 09:40


With the aim of raising the awareness of contemporary and controversial issues around gender identity in Africa, Wisemove Productions documents and disseminates the histories of elite African women in sport.


As independent multimedia company, the organisation collects these histories in both visual and oral forms and seeks to address the (mis)representation of African sportswomen.


This issue was recently highlighted at the Confederation of African Football (CAF) African Women’s Championship (AWC) held in South Africa late in 2010, when controversy arose after gender verification of some players was demanded. The need for the issue to be dealt with prior to the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup, to be held in Germany 26 June - 17 July, 2011, is imperative.


Wisemove Productions also addresses wider themes of women in sport from an African perspective, focusing on the cultural, social and political aspects of elite women in sport. Work that has been conducted with the South African Women’s national football team since 2007 has focused on themes of identity and community arising out of the ideal of forging a multiracial, multi tribal team in post Apartheid South Africa.


Wisemove Productions is made up of Taiwo Adeogun, a freelance researcher and photographer with an academic background in Anthropology and Life History Research, and Kehinde Adeogun, an England Women’s national football scout and Football Association Licensed Players’ Agent with a Bachelor in Sports Science.


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