Volume 8

Edited 2007 ISBN: 9780415408844 Children, Obesity and Exercise Edited by Andrew Hills, Neil King & Nuala Byrne  

Obesity rates of children in the UK have increased dramatically from 9.6% in 1995 to 15.5% in 2003. Research has shown that childhood obesity correlates to a significant risk of chronic health problems later in life, which means taking preventative measures now can ease the financial burden of increased health care costs down the line. This book provides sport, exercise and medicine students and professionals with an accessible and practical guide to understanding and managing childhood and adolescent obesity.


It covers:

  • overweight, obesity and body composition;
  • physical activity, growth and development;
  • psycho-social aspects of childhood obesity;
  • physical activity behaviours;
  • eating behaviours;
  • measuring children’s behaviour; and
  • interventions for prevention and management of childhood obesity.
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