New ERASMUS+ Projects Get Underway

01/07/2022 09:00


Together with its project partners, ICSSPE has embarked on a series of new projects with three projects kicking off over the last couple of weeks, including PACTE+ Active Cities, INTERCOMP and GAP:


PACTE+ - Promoting Active Cities Throughout Europe Plus

The Promoting Active Cities Throughout Europe – PACTE+ project was relaunched in May following a successful first phase (2018-2020). Round two is starting with new partners, including project lead and European think tank Sport & Citizenship, the Technical University Munich, the European Cyclists’ Federation, TAFISA, EVALEO, ICSSPE and the Federation of European Sporting Goods Industry. Model cities and project partners are the cities of Limerick (Ireland), Stadt Graz (Austria), Ville d’Angers (France) and Frederikstadt (Norway).


The aim of the project is to encourage cities to take a proactive approach to the promotion of physical activity, in sight of improving individual and collective well-being. It includes the working areas of active schools, active workplace, active transport as well as governance.


During the two-year project, the team will take stock of cities’ improvements and the overall context to improve the matrix for change. Field interventions are planned as well as tailored support to unlock cities’ potentials. In addition, the impact of the programme implemented to strengthen advocacy for physical activity and active city policies will be measured.


ICSSPE will mainly work with the city of Limerick on Active Schools and provide customised support to Limerick in the development and implementation of a physical activity in schools policy.


The overall project team will work together closely to exchange good practices, ideas and experiences, relevant to each local context, in order to create synergies between the four pilot cities.


The project will run from May 2022 to End of April 2025 and is funded by the European Commission’s ERASMUS+ programme.


INTERCOMP - Development of Educators' Intercultural Competencies

The INTERCOMP project has the objective to develop the intercultural competencies of school educators, university educators and in informal education. The aim is to develop a relevant educational course to address the needs of educators interacting with students, who have a refugee background. In the first instance, the focus will be on primary and secondary schools.


As part of the project, 40 educators will be recruited in each of the five partner countries (Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Greece, Cyprus). Educators with an awareness on intercultural education will also be recruited as advisor for the content and delivery mode of the educational material. A group of refugee students will also be interviewed. Surveys for all groups will be developed by the University of Utrecht.


Project partners of this ERASMUS+ funded project include project lead Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), ICSSPE (Germany), the University of Bolsano (Italy), the University of Utrecht (Netherlands), the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport (Cyprus) as well as the First Experimental Primary School of Thessaloniki (Greece).


Project partners will be collecting data in their countries, conduct and participate in multiplier and dissemination events and design and execute quality assurance methodology of the project with the final aim to develop policy recommendations by the end of 2024.


GAP – Women Gender Actions to increase Women’s Participation in Sports

The GAP project, which started mid-June and is led by the Unió de Federacions Esportives de Catalunya (UFEC) has the aim to promote women’s participation in sport in order to increase the number of women’s federation licenses while also promoting inclusive and sustainable sport.


The project is aimed at adult women aged 18-50 focused on sport organisations, federations, clubs and public authorities, including from vulnerable groups.


Training (online to drive digitalisation in the industry) and tools to further good practices will be developed and offered as well as effective communication strategies. Inclusive and sustainable gender-parity sport events will be set up to raise awareness, sensitise and stimulate women’s involvement in sport.


The project partners include project lead UFEC (Spain), ICSSPE (Germany), Sport and Citizenship (France), International Sport and Culture Association (Denmark), European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation (Sweden), Maieutica – Cooperativa de Ensino Superior C.R.L. (Portugal), European Table Tennis Union (Luxembourg), MSV Asd Margherita Sport e Vita (Italy), Catalan Federation of Underwater Activities (Spain) and Wakatobi (Spain). The Italian Basketball Federation is included as collaborator in the project.


ICSSPE will be conducting a literature review and develop a stakeholder mapping. The project will run from mid-2022 to mid-2025.