ICSSPE New Executive Director Patrick Stolpmann Takes Up Post

01/10/2023 18:23

ICSSPE's new Executive Director Patrick Stolpmann took up his post at the beginning of September, following his appointment by the Executive Board of the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education a couple of months ago. 


“This marks the end of a recruitment process that took longer than expected, as the Executive Board strove to find the most suitable candidate for this vital and challenging position in our organisation,” ICSSPE President Dr. Uri Schaefer said in his welcome. 


“Patrick's appointment as ICSSPE's new Executive Director was a unanimous Board decision. The Board and I are convinced that his prominent skillset, rich experience, pleasant personality, and desire to link his professional future with ICSSPE will ensure a smooth transition and lead the organisation to new heights,” Dr. Uri Schaefer added.


Patrick Stolpmann, who joins ICSSPE after almost a decade at the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), is a seasoned senior executive with corporate and non-profit experience. He has a proven track record in strategic planning, corporate development, transformation and technology. 


“I am very excited about the opportunity to serve ICSSPE as the new Executive Director and my thanks goes out to the President and Executive Board for the trust, they bestowed in me. I am looking forward to further shape the development of the organisation and to enable ICSSPE to continue delivering its mission," Patrick Stolpmann said. 


Mr Stolpmann will be addressing ICSSPE members at the upcoming General Assembly in Berlin on 11 November 2023.


Stolpmann follows outgoing Executive Director Detlef Dumon who had asked the President for accepting his wish to resign after more than 16 years in the position. 


“I take this opportunity to thank Detlef on behalf of us all - from the bottom of my heart - for his extraordinary work for ICSSPE. Not only has he led the council for 16 years with remarkable success and countless achievements but also agreed to remain in his position until a suitable successor was able to take his role,” ICSSPE President Uri Schaefer said in recognition of Detlef Dumon’s 16 years of service. 


“Together with the Executive Board I look forward to the continuation of our joint journey in the promotion and cultivation of quality physical education, physical activity, and sports based on research findings and projects that we will lead together with you, the members, partners, and friends of ICSSPE,” Uri Schaefer added.


Photo (from left to right): ICSSPE Honorary President Prof. Dr Gudrun Doll-Tepper, Detlef Dumon, President Dr. Uri Schaefer, Patrick Stolpmann, Vice President Prof. Dr Annette Hofmann.