ICSSPE Supports WFSGI's Call to Action Against Physical Inactivity

26/06/2024 14:31

ICSSPE is endorsing the recent statement from the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) and key industry leaders. Tackling the growing issue of physical inactivity demands a united effort across various sectors, and we are dedicated to encouraging active and healthy lifestyles around the globe.


"New data released today (June 26, 2024) by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on rising levels of physical inactivity is galvanising sporting goods and fitness giants to team up to address this alarming trend.

  • New data reveals a that 31% of adults are inactive and are not meeting the recommended levels of physical activity (just 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week)
  • If this trend in inactivity continues, global levels of physical inactivity are projected to rise to 35% by 2030 (from 26% in 2010)
  • There is a widening gap in participation based on age and gender; women are less active than men by at least 5 percentage points and after 60 years of age physical inactivity rises rapidly
  • New data on adolescents is due later this year, but we already know 81% are not doing enough physical activity to maintain good health
  • The economic cost of treating health conditions that are preventable by engaging in a more active lifestyle will exceed US$300 billion by 2030"


By working collaboratively, we can make a meaningful difference in public health by motivating more individuals to stay active and addressing the global inactivity epidemic.This initiative also aligns with ICSSPE’s ongoing efforts to leverage sports science and physical education as vital tools for health improvement. By sharing knowledge, resources, and innovative strategies, we aim to empower communities and support sustainable health practices.


For more information on the latest data and this collective industry commitment, click here: ADULT PHYSICAL INACTIVITY LEVELS REACH ALL-TIME HIGH | WFSGI - World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry