"Olympic Lectures" Weekly Series Ahead of Paris 2024 Olympics

Start Time: 
Lunes, 8 Abril, 2024 - 12:00

Get ready to dive into the spirit of the Olympics with a captivating series of lectures hosted by the Willibald Gebhardt Institute (WGI) in preparation for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. As the Olympics gear up to grace the city of Paris from July 26 to August 11, the WGI, affiliated with the Institute of Sports Science at the University of Münster, is set to delve deep into the essence of the Olympic movement through a comprehensive series of discussions.


Under the visionary guidance of Michael Krüger, Vice-President Olympics of the WGI, the institute has curated an impressive lineup of experts from Germany and beyond to contribute to the 13-event lecture series. Commencing on April 8 and concluding on July 8, 2024, just a fortnight before the commencement of the Olympic Games, these lectures will unfold every Monday from 16:00 to 18:00 c.t. at the Ho 101 seminar room, Institute of Sports Science, Münster University.


What makes this series even more accessible is its hybrid format, allowing both physical attendance and online participation via Zoom. Registrants will receive the Zoom link upon registration, facilitating seamless engagement with the lectures. The event invites enthusiasts, scholars, and anyone intrigued by the Olympic movement to join in the discourse and broaden their understanding of this global phenomenon.


Event Details:

  • Schedule: Mondays from 16:00 to 18:00 (Start: 08.04.2024 | End: 08.07.2024)

Schedule of events:

  • 08.04.24 | Prof. Dr Daphné Bolz, Rouen | The IOC and the nationalist question after World War I
  • 15.04.24 | Prof. Dr Udi Carmi, Tel-Hai Academic College, Israel | Israel and the Olympic Movement
  • 22.04.24 | Dr Andreas Höfer, German Sports and Olympic Museum, Cologne | Squaring the Rings - Peace Games in Times of War
  • 29.04.24 | Cand. Phil. Yoonkyu Song, PhD student at the University of Münster | Korea in the Olympic Movement
  • 6.05.24 | Junior Professor Dr Helga Leineweber, University of Münster | Special Olympics and Inclusion in Sport and Sport Pedagogy
  • 13.05.24 | Prof. i.R. Dr Michael Krüger, Münster (WGI) | Sport and Peace
  • 27.05.24 | Prof. i.R. Dr Dr h.c. Roland Naul, Münster (WGI) | Olympic Education
  • 03.06.24 | Prof. Dr Kay Schiller, University of Durham | The 1972 Munich Olympic Games and the assassination attempt
  • 10.06.24 | Prof. Dr Stefan Wassong, DSHS Cologne | Olympia in Sports Studies
  • 17.06.24 | Prof. Dr Olaf Stieglitz, University of Leipzig | The 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles and the Germans
  • 24.06.24 | Prof. Dr Annette Hofmann, PH Ludwigsburg, Department of Sport | Olympic Study Day *
  • 01.07.24 | Prof. Dr Patrick Clastres, Université Lausanne | Faire la biographie de Pierre de Coubertin
  • 08.07.24 | Dr Emanuel Hübner, Gymnasium Herford | Olympic Games in Germany - continuities and ruptures

For the registration information, visit the English event homepage here. The event will take place hybrid.

Conference Location: 
Institute of Sports Science, University of Münster, seminar room Ho 101
Willibald Gebhardt Institute (WGI)

Email: officewgi.de