Discovering the Essence of Martial Arts: Lessons from KAISENDO

18/03/2024 18:26

ICSSPE: Good day, Mr. Martinez. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Can you delve into the specific disciplines and training methodologies that KAISENDO promotes within combat sports and comprehensive personal defense?


Juan José Diaz Martinez: KAISENDO, Integral Self Defence, is a training system with scientific and pedagogical bases, integrating techniques from various martial arts. It emphasizes the development of self-defence skills using natural weapons and complementary elements. The system is studied as a pedagogical method based on technical principles, including injury prevention, applied technology, and ethical values.


ICSSPE: How does KAISENDO integrate technology, such as virtual reality or biomechanical analysis, into its training programs to enhance performance and skill development?


Juan José Diaz Martinez: KAISENDO incorporates virtual reality for immersive learning experiences and biomechanical analysis to record and analyze body movements. This provides detailed data on technique, posture, and movement efficiency, allowing for specific adjustments to improve performance.


ICSSPE: What role do mentorship and leadership development play within KAISENDO, and how do you train and support aspiring coaches and instructors?


Juan José Diaz Martinez: Mentorship in KAISENDO emphasizes maintaining high ethical standards and professional conduct, fostering mutual respect, and instilling discipline. Leadership development goes beyond technical skills, focusing on emotional, ethical, and leadership aspects. Training for coaches and instructors is based on structured programs, certifications, and continuous learning, with a strong emphasis on values such as respect and responsibility.


ICSSPE: What measures does KAISENDO take to ensure the safety and well-being of its participants during training and competitions, especially in high-contact combat sports?


Juan José Diaz Martinez: KAISENDO implements various safety measures, including the use of protective equipment, adequate supervision, clear regulations, medical examinations, and skill classification. Additionally, the system emphasizes injury prevention, ongoing education on common injuries, and first aid techniques to create a safe and controlled training environment.


ICSSPE: How does KAISENDO contribute to the wider debate on gender equality and diversity in the combat sports industry, and what initiatives have been put in place to address existing challenges or disparities?


Juan José Diaz Martinez: KAISENDO advocates for gender equality and diversity by encouraging participation and representation across all levels. Women-specific programs, leadership development, and awareness campaigns challenge stereotypes and promote an inclusive martial arts environment.


ICSSPE: Thank you for sharing this valuable insight, Mr. Martinez. It has been a pleasure speaking with you.