International Dart Federation joins ICSSPE

01/11/2023 15:08

ICSSPE is pleased to welcome the International Dart Federation as a new member to the organisation. The International Dart Federation (IDF) is a non-government non-profit organisation developing Soft Darts, e-Darts globally. The IDF has 45 members and is supporting the Soft Darts worldwide. It is the governing body for Soft Darts and e-Darts in all their forms and disciplines.


One of the main targets of the federation is to start two kinds of competitions, a World Championship for elite athletes and professional athletes and the World Amateur Championships, which is strictly dedicated to the sport for all side of the world.


The organisation has also partnered with ISCA, TAFISA and HEPA and has the aim to develop the concept of physical education in the world through darts and soft darts. Differently from the steel darts, which is governed by another federation, soft darts are more focused on the sport for all side, being more secure, more developed and having millions of competitors around the world.


The aim of becoming member of ICCSPE is to start developing new ways to include darts in physical education processes and to create best practice for the existing players. Darts must be developed and combined with physical education in order to stay fit, stay healthy and move the body, specifically in the early ages. 


The SODGs relating to active people are the main goal for the future for all sport organisations. IDF is aware that they need to push for a better way to train their athletes, including by bringing more physical exercise to all darts level players, specifically during childhood.


At the same time, IDF is positive that with the support of ICSSPE, with a better way to train and to include physical education in the darts world, IDF can be a great partner to reach the SODGs and to create an inclusive path for all people.


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