Sport Coaching for Mental Well-being

Recommendations for Coach Education and Club Management
08/11/2022 16:25

ICSSPE, in cooperation with partners, developed a set of recommendations to promote mental well-being in sport clubs and in coaching.


Building on a systematic review of scientific literature and good practice examples, project partners recommend to prioritise mental well-being in sport, promote communication about mental well-being, improve coach behaviour, create an environment that is supportive of mental health, and find practical applications for mental well-being.


Furthermore, the partnership developed an online course which speaks, among other, about the coach-athlete relationship and ways to manage threats to well-being.


The partnership of this Erasmus+ co-funded project was composed of Sport Vlaanderen, Mental Health Finland, Minor Ndako, Monaliiku, UFEC, BUPCS, ITTF Foundation, ENGSO, the Greek Paralympic Committee, and Vlaamse Atletiekliga, and ICSSPE.


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