Anthropological & Sociological Study on Athletes

National Association for Sports, Health & Fitness Nepal
04/08/2022 21:33

For the first time, the NOC Nepal has published research about the social and economic impact of sport on their athletes, who are competing at an international level. The Nepalese National Association for Sports, Health and Fitness (NASHF), which is an ICSSPE member, conducted the research, based on interviews done with Nepalese athletes competing at the 13th South Asian Games in 2019. 


The aim of the research paper is to serve as a guide for the Government, National Federations, Coaches by understanding the actual situation of Nepalese athletes. This first-time research was done for the Nepal Olympic Committee with the aim to find out the economic and social impact of sport. It will also help to know more about the current status of Nepalese athletes and assist in developing the strategic plan for the enhancement of performance of the Nepalese athletes in the future. 


Author of the study and NASHF president Mr Diwkar Lal Amatya explained the goal of the study:


"Nepalese sports society and authorities will get new thoughts and directions in the field of sports policy making from this study. Additionally, sports coaching systems in Nepal within all level of physical education from school to university will benefit from the findings of this book."


He also underlined the importance of sports research to enhance performance and increase participation, "Sports research is designed to explain the underlying mechanisms of how athletes function. It gives coaches and athletes a way to gain solid information and apply it to their performance in sports. It helps coaches form beliefs about how to develop programs and coaching techniques. Research and innovation in sports has a significant economic impact through, for example, innovative sports products, events, and facilities. The government should promote sports research to help elite athletes get better results and promote participation in sports."


The research study can be downloaded via the link below.