Promoting Physical Activity Through Schools: Policy Brief

World Health Organization
24/06/2022 12:17

The World Health Organization (WHO) has published a policy brief to promote physical activity through schools.


This policy brief describes the importance of integrating physical activity into primary and secondary schools so that all children and young people can be physically active on a regular basis, which will contribute to preventing the increasing public health problem of childhood obesity.


This policy brief supports school policymakers, planners, and potentially school principals and describes how the school environment can be used to develop, implement, and evaluate whole-of-school strategies that promote physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviour among children and young people.


It is intended to support:


▶ ministries of health

▶ ministries of education

▶ ministries of sport and recreation

▶ policy-makers from other relevant sectors

▶ school governors, school councils and boards

▶ school principals or head teachers.


Download the policy brief here, or see pdf below.