World Health Day 2022

World Health Organisation
01/04/2022 16:22

7 April is World Health Day and with the 2022 theme Our Planet, Our Health the World Health Organization (WHO) stressing that our health and the health of our planet are inextricably linked. And the need to focus on creating healthy societies on a healthy planet is becoming more and more apparent.


Thus, the 2022 World Health Day centres on the link between the health of our planet and the health of humans, animals, plants – all living creatures. In line with the One Health approach, which emphasises the interdependence of animal, human and environmental health, this year’s WHO campaign will promote messages and activities around the globe that showcase how individual choices and social behaviours impact our environment.


ICSSPE is welcoming the World Health Day messages, which are reflected in ICSSPE’s mission to educate for improved quality of life and health for all people through physical activity and sport and to promote policies for active lifestyles, human performances and good governance in physical activity and sport. This is highlighted in ICSSPE’s Strategic Plan and Biennial Working Programme that outline ICSSPE’s goal to support sustainable development in and through sport, physical activity and physical education.


7 April 2022 – Our Planet, Our health: Reimagine our economy, society, health. 

See the WHO communication on World Health Day 2022 here: 


In the midst of a pandemic, a polluted planet, and increasing diseases like cancer, asthma and heart disease, WHO will focus global attention this World Health Day 2022 on urgent actions needed to keep humans and the planet healthy and foster a movement to create societies focused on well-being.



  • Are we able to reimagine a world where clean air, water and food are available to all?

  • Where economies are focused on health and well-being?

  • Where cities are liveable and people have control over their health and the health of the planet?

While the COVID-19 pandemic showed us the healing power of science, it also highlighted the inequities in our world. The pandemic has revealed weaknesses in all areas of society and underlined the urgency of creating sustainable well-being societies committed to achieving equitable health now and for future generations without breaching ecological limits.


The present design of the economy leads to inequitable distribution of income, wealth and power, with too many people still living in poverty and instability. A well-being economy has human well-being, equity and ecological sustainability as its goals. These goals are translated into long-term investments, well-being budgets, social protection and legal and fiscal strategies. Breaking these cycles of destruction for the planet and human health requires legislative action, corporate reform and individuals to be supported and incentivized to make healthy choices.


Head to the WHO website for more on the World Health Day 2022 campaign.