Sport for Prevention of Extremism in Youth

Update on the SPEY Project
08/12/2021 10:55

To guarantee sustainability of the Erasmus+ co-funded project SPEY (Sport for Prevention of Extremism in Youth) a training course was delivered in Portugal on 26th October 2021.


The training, which involved 51 professionals working in the field of sports or in the social sector, aimed at providing them with basic knowledge to understand how sports can prevent radicalisation in young people.


Neus Arnal, social educator of the SPEY project, introduced the project, in which ICSSPE participates as a partner organisation, and spoke about the benefits that the project has brought to the sport and the social sector. Neus talked about the 3N phases, which are the project steps during practical implementation: Focusing on Needs, Narratives and Networks. Neus Arnal finished her presentation saying „The most important thing that we have achieved with the SPEY project is the pro-social support network.“


To learn more about these steps and to get an impression of the practical SPEY project implementation, watch the interview and visit the project website.


You can also watch the SPEY conference, which took place on 25th and 26th November 2021 by following this link.