Innovation in Sport Clubs

Final Conference of the CHAMP Project
05/11/2021 16:42

The final conference of the Erasmus+ co-funded CHAMP project took place on 20th October 2021 in Vilnius, Lithuania.


During the event, project partners presented the main results including the findings of a questionnaire for sport clubs on the topic of innovation and good practices from the corporate sector that provide ideas for the sports movement to respond to a changing environment and sporting behaviour. Partners also presented a  MOOC, a massive open online course, which guides sport clubs towards innovation and modernisation.


The Erasmus+ project CHAMP (Clubs for Health-Enhancement, Activation, Modernisation and Participation) includes the following organisations: the Lithuanian Union of Sport Federation, the National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark, ENGSO, the Latvian Sports Federation Council, the Swedish Sports Confederation, the Portuguese Sports Confederation, the Italian based Organisation for Education through Sport (OPES), the Foundation of Sport Education and Information in Estonia, and ICSSPE.


More information about the CHAMP project, and the single output documents, can be found here.