Membership Advantages
07/09/2021 16:24

If you receive our News and are not an active ICSSPE member yet, we invite you to join ICSSPE and become a part of our international network comprising of 170 national and international, governmental and non-governmental organisations and institutions of sport, sport science and physical education.


As a member, you get involved in international research, educational and policy projects and, likewise, avail of ICSSPE’s members’ knowledge for your projects. We welcome all our members to make use of the expert directory, which serves as an excellent marketing tool to gain exposure and be contacted for cooperation projects.


Other member benefits and services include:


  • Participation in policy development to ensure everybody has the possibility to be physically active
  • Interdisciplinary exchange of information on relevant research results, innovations, publications, projects, initiatives as well as congresses and other worldwide events
  • Opportunities to release publications together with other members
  • Opportunities to participate in funded projects
  • Opportunities for ICSSPE patronage and financial support of scientific activities
  • Increased visibility to other professional actors


There are staggered membership fee models available depending on your organisations status:


  • Governmental sport, health and education authorities: 450 Euro/year
  • Non-governmental sport organisations: 270 Euro/year
  • Scientific and educational organisations and institutions: 270 Euro/year


You can download our membership application form below.