How to Manage a Modern Sport Club

Champ Online Course
07/09/2021 16:15

For the sport movement, the past two years have been a challenge. The pandemic closed the doors of many clubs and sport facilities - but a consortium of national and international professional sport and sport science organisations used the time to innovate, and finalise the Erasmus+ project Clubs for Health-Enhancement, Activation, Modernisation and Participation (CHAMP) and its most important outcome - the free online course How to manage a modern sport club


The online course is free and made for clubs who want to:


  • Improve their functioning & management
  • Improve their financial aspect
  • Increase membership
  • Strengthen their online presence & promotion.


Enter the online course here: How to manage a modern sport club


We would like to encourage you to finish all 5 models of the course, and share your impressions and the feedback with us, and your friends. 

Nine project partners from nine different European countries, including ICSSPE, contributed to the development of this innovative tool for modernisation of sport clubs and the traditional European sports movement. The online course offers fresh insights as well as current trends and solutions for physical activity and grassroots sport promotion.


To learn more about the Course and the project, please contact Detlef Dumon at the ICSSPE Executive Office.