Kabaddi for Peace and Harmony

World Kabaddi Federation Joins ICSSPE
05/07/2021 15:51

ICSSPE talked to Lhundub Dorji Lama, President of the World Kabaddi Federation, to learn more about the sport as well as the goals and visions of the organisation.


ICSSPE: Could you please introduce yourself and the World Kabaddi Federation?

Lama: I started my career as Founder Principal of Dorji High School, Kathmandu Nepal in 1982 with around 550 residential and day school students and am presently serving as President of the World Kabaddi Federation. I also had the opportunity to serve the below international organisations in the past:


  • Council Member at the World Federalist Movement
  • National Chancellor of Nepal at the International Association of Educators for World Peace
  • International Representative of the Tug of War International Federation
  • Vice President of the Asian Amateur Kabaddi Federation
  • Vice President of the Asian Kho Kho Federation
  • Region Chairman of Lions Clubs International District 325 Nepal

I also served as President of various National organisations, i.e. the Private and Boarding Schools Association of Nepal, All Nepal Kabaddi Association, Nepal Tug of War Association, National Buddhist Federation of Nepal and as a member of the Sports Committee at the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry.


ICSSPE: Can you tell us briefly about the ongoing projects of the organisation?

Lama: We are currently focusing on our membership drive to reach at least 65 national affiliates from Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and Oceania as a process and criteria to be recognised by the International Olympic Committee.


ICSSPE: What adaptations did you find during the pandemic?

Lama: During the pandemic period, we have experienced that sports organisations require digital transformation to secure smooth administration and to be able to promote its activities. We also need to give our employees digital skillsets through ongoing training.


ICSSPE: Could you tell us a bit about the aims and vision of your organisation?

Lama: Our aim is to promote and develop the game of Kabaddi and Physical Education as a global game and to encourage the noble ideals of the Olympic movement among member countries. We strive to help develop the moral and physical qualities of the players and youth of the world by regular activities in Kabaddi, Physical Education, friendship, international respect, and goodwill.


Our vision is to promote and develop the game of Kabaddi in every corner of the world for people in maintaining their health always fit through drug free game of Kabaddi with slogan Play Kabaddi for Peace and Harmony.


ICSSPE: How would you describe your organisation’s values?

Lama: As an organisation in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, the World Kabaddi Federation will contribute to United Nations by integrating culture, education, environment, indigenous people, women, and youth in our activities to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.


These are to promote gender equality and empower women and to achieve Sports for Development and Peace for building sustainable peace through sports. 


ICSSPE: What are your goals and plans?

Lama: Our first goal is to make Kabaddi an Olympic discipline and our second goal is to establish Olympic Refugee Academies in countries where this is possible.


We plan to reach these goals by introducing the game of Kabaddi in schools, colleges and universities to bring together youth leaders from divided communities to unite young people through the game of Kabaddi. We also plan to introduce the game of Kabaddi at grass root level to encourage the under privileged youths of rural and remote areas by developing Kabaddi clubs and start league tournaments for such clubs. Thirdly, we want to promote and develop the game of Kabaddi in every corner of the world so that people can maintain their health and stay fit through the drug free game of Kabaddi. Our slogan is Play Kabaddi for Peace and Harmony.


ICSSPE: As a new ICSSPE member, what do you envision for the future cooperation with ICSSPE?

Lama: Guidance and support in creating a basic training infrastructure as well as to establish Olympic Refugee Academies and sports science centres for athlete testing and support in sports nutrition, bio-mechanics, physiology, psychology, and physiotherapy.


ICSSPE: What are you most excited about regarding the ICSSPE membership?

Lama: To organise a regular, official World Cup, World Kabaddi League Championships and International Kabaddi tours under the patronage of ICSSPE, for greater participation of youths and students to represent their countries and to participate and demonstrate their skills. In addition, we are excited about promoting peace and harmony through sports and culture tourism.


ICSSPE: What can the ICSSPE membership jointly do to help in this context?

Lama: We would appreciate any support to gain recognition of the World Kabaddi Federation with Global Association of International Sports Federations and all the continental Olympic Committees, Commonwealth Games, and University Sports Federation to accomplish above activities.


Thanks for giving us the opportunity.