ISHPES/CESH Congress, Lisbon

Call for Abstracts
03/03/2021 16:51
Abstracts for the ISHPES/CESH Congress to be held in Lisbon, Portugal from 14th - 16th of September 2021 are still accepted.
The best presentation among young scholars will be awarded with the ISHPES Gigliola Gori Award.
Abstracts submission deadline: 31st of March 2021
Submissions can centre around these range of topics:
  • Sport and political regimes
  • Sport, race and colonialism
  • Sports organizations as political institutions
  • Sport and imagined communities
  • Sports and governmentality
  • Sport and international relations
  • Sport and Gender
The Gigliola Gori Award and a 1000 Euro prize will be given to an emerging young scholar in the field of sport history. The winner will furthermore be invited to attend the ISHPES/CESH Congress where his or her paper will be presented. The winner will also be given a year’s membership to ISHPES.
The ISHPES/CESH Congress is organised by the European Committee for Sports History and the International Society for the History of Physical Education and Sport. This year’s event focuses on the issue: Sport and Politics from Antiquity to the Modern Day.
Further information can be found on the ISHPES website.