Diversity in Coaching Across the European Union

First Findings of Erasmus+ Project Are Published
04/02/2021 15:44

The Policy, Evidence and Knowledge in Coaching (PEAK) project aims at developing coaching policy recommendations for sport federations, coaching bodies and governments.The first scientific project report presents the state of the art in coaching and introduces findings from a literature review, a survey and expert interviews.


All reports indicate that countries have some form of a coach licensing system. The conditions and regulations underpinning those licensing systems, however, are much less uniform. Some countries, such as Romania or Ireland, devolve the responsibility of licensing to individual sport federations, who in turn are left to develop and implement their own licensing system.


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Building up on these findings, preliminary recommendations for European sport coaching policies are published in the second project report such as the implementation of mechanisms to support volunteer coaches. Volunteers play an incredibly important role in the provision and delivery of sport coaching around Europe. Sport volunteering represents anywhere between 1% and 16% of the overall volunteering population in European countries, while, in sport organisations, 73% of volunteers participate in coaching activities.


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The third project report presenting good practice examples from European countries will be published within the next weeks. Stay tuned!