Second World-wide Survey of School Physical Education

Survey of School Physical Education

Second World-wide Survey of School Physical Education
Edited 01 2009 ISBN: 978-3-9811179-2-9 Final Report Ken Hardman and Joe Marshall



This publication outlines results of the second World-wide Survey of School Physical Education, which reveal several areas of continuing concern:

  • gaps between policy and practice;
  • physical education curriculum quality and relevance;
  • insufficient curriculum time allocation;
  • perceived inferior subject status;
  • lack of competent qualified and inadequately trained teachers;
  • deficiencies in facilities, equipment and teaching materials and inadequate provision or awareness of pathway links to wider community programs and amenities outside of schools.


Despite some improvements in inclusion policy and practice, barriers to equal provision and access opportunities for all still remain. Thus, the overall scenario is one of ‘mixed messages’, of positive initiatives and stabilisation in some countries, juxtaposed with little change or relative decline in other countries and regions. This survey highlights the crucial importance of continuous and systematic monitoring.


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