Seminar on Inclusive Development Through Sport

Start Time: 
Sunday, January 20, 2019 to Saturday, January 26, 2019





Inclusive Development Through Sport

Intensive training from January 20th to January 26th, 2019 in Rheinsberg (Berlin)


The 2019 edition of our intensive training week will be addressed at coaches, teachers, social workers, students and everyone who wishes to use sport as a tool for development. We welcome participants from both athletic and non-athletic backgrounds who share a commitment to play, movement and sporting activities as vehicles for fostering development, participation, community building, inclusion, diversity, social cohesion, and more.


During this unique learning experience, you will learn how to apply sport, movement, and play for development. And you will be supported by an international team of experts, drawn from sport, education, social work, psychology, and disability. Their expertise, experience, and skills will help you to engage people, young and old, in a socially responsible way and contribute to their empowerment as active citizens.


During the course you will learn



Through a series of workshops, you will expand your teaching, coaching, and pastoral competences, including sessions focusing on effective pedagogy, inclusive session design, and preparation and planning. Importantly, you will learn to adapt activities to meet individual needs and environments.


You will expand your psychological skills, helping you to identify and address your personal and professional development needs, including your potentials, strength and current areas for development.


You will also increase your social skills, enabling you to work in intercultural settings, to serve diverse communities. And you will notice how your own network is growing by interacting with young professionals from all over the world. You will also enrich your capacity to manage your stakeholders successfully, including funding organisations, local authorities, and other active partners.


After an enjoyable and challenging week of activity, you will have completed fifteen discrete but connected workshops in total which will inspire you to plan, deliver, and evaluate your own programmes with confidence.


You will experience opportunities to




Who will help you with this?

The week’s activities will be led by a team of experts drawn from around the world, experienced in sport for development, as well as education, sport science, social work, and psychology. They will help you to identify your hidden talents, your strengths and weaknesses, and provide you with strategies for on-going development.


And, of course, the ICSSPE Office staff will be on all to ensure your time in Rheinsberg – both in and out of sessions – is as enjoyable and worthwhile as possible.


Where will you stay?

The Inclusive Development through Sport training week will be based in Rheinsberg, a small historic town north of Berlin. The venue will be a hotel on the lakeside, uniquely equipped to serve the needs of a diverse group. Sessions will take place in the gymnasium and outside in nature which, at this time of the year, may mean snow, rain, sunshine, and temperatures between -10 and +10 °C. So, leave your formal clothes in the closet and make sure you come prepared comfortable for physical activity, sport and play.


You may want to spend the evenings in the hotel bar talking to colleagues and new friends, in the fireplace room playing games, in the hotel pool, or using the hotel sauna, perhaps finished off with a jump into the lake!


The seminar will start of Sunday night and finishes on the following Saturday morning. So you would be able, if you wish, to spend one or even two weekends in Berlin, one of the world’s most exciting and culturally rich cities.


What will we do for you?

A team of experienced staff will be available to support your participation in the Inclusive Development through Sport training week. They are available to provide additional information, an invitation letter for visa purposes, or a detailed workshop plan to acquire credit points with a university. They will also arrange a shuttle bus service between the Berlin airports and the programme venue.


How can you sign up?

Simply complete and submit the registration form and the ICSSPE Office staff will get in touch to sort out payment. The inclusive price for training, accommodation and local transport is 390 €.


Don’t forget: you can be the difference that makes the difference!


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