Online Registration Available

05/11/2011 08:00


The online registration for Sport as a Mediator between Cultures is now available on the ICSSPE website.


Considering the big amount of sport programmes implemented over the past years to contribute to the improvement of people´s living conditions, this international conference aims to take stock of what has already been achieved, and to explore the potential for future activities in sport for development and peace.


Thus, researchers and practitioners in sport, sport science, pedagogy, psychology and social work, along with all other interested parties from all continents, are invited to participate in the event and to discuss sport´s role in the development of society, for reconciliation, cooperation and inclusion, as well as in disaster management.


Hosts and organisers of the event particularly encourage participants from developing and less developed countries as well as those from the Mediterranean region to take part in the event.


The conference will be held from 15-17 September, 2011, at Wingate Institute, Israel.


For more information and registration, please click here