Latest Volume on Sport Science Studies Published

Archivos de Medicina del Deporte
06/10/2020 15:57

The Archivos De Medicina del Deporte (Archives of Sports Medicine) recently released their new journal for January – February 2020. The full study reports are in English, with Spanish summaries on the introduction page of each report.


To read the full Journal please click here.


The current publication includes:



  • Less supplements and more foods. More professionals and less intrusive

Original articles

  • Heart rate variability to assess the effect of sleep deprivation in mountain troops of the chilean army: a pilot study
  • Previous intakes to a competitive match in young soccer players  
  • Cardiac stress associated to the realization of an acrobatic skydiver formation 
  • APP evaluation to measure bench press lifts speed: preliminary results
  • Artificial altitude training strategies: Is there a correlation between hematological parameters and physical performance?

Review Articles

  • Accidental doping. Prevention strategies
  • Body composition characteristics of handball players: systematic review