Beyond Sport Opens 2011 Award Entries

Recognising Sport and Development Projects
02/11/2011 08:00

The third annual Beyond Sport Awards, celebrating sport and development projects from around the world, are open for nominations.


The twelve award categories are divided into:

  • Community Awards, targeting not-for-profit groups, NGOs, IGOs, charitable or small social entrepreneurial organisations;
  • Environment Awards, open to independent projects, federations, companies, government agencies, and rights holders alike;
  • Corporate and Federation Awards, recognising corporations, businesses, sport governing bodies, official rights-holders, professional sport teams, federations, large social enterprises, or non-profits looking to nominate a corporate partner; and
  • Judges` Awards.


Nominations close 14 March 2011 with winners decided by the Beyond Sport Ambassadors, chaired by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.


For more information and nomination details, please visit