Share the Knowledge

Together with Human Kinetics Publishers, ICSSPE is running the “Share the Knowledge” programme, which seeks to distribute sport science and physical education books to institutions in need of support and resources. While ICSSPE organises and finances the programme, Human Kinetics selects and donates books.


Through “Share the Knowledge,” ICSSPE and Human Kinetics aim to widen the distribution of sport science and physical education resources, particularly in developing countries. In doing so, they facilitate and support study, research and practical work in all areas of sport science and physical education.


Human Kinetics offers a wide array of academic and professional resources in fields such as health and fitness, coaching, physical education, sport science and others. Books from all topic areas published by Human Kinetics are available for donation. Donated books all come from Human Kinetics’ warehouses and are fully useable in spite of small flaws such as slight scuffs or dents.


All ICSSPE member institutions and national bodies belonging to ICSSPE member organisations in developing countries are eligible to apply for this programme. Up to 50 books may be requested at one time. Currently, all available publications are in English.


For more information and to request an application form, please contact us at