ICSSPE Symposium: The First Ten Years

Physical Activity and Sport: Understanding the First Ten Years


Health behaviours, basic movement skills, and physical activity patterns are all established during the first ten years. Recent research also shows that inactivity has its origins during the early years. Despite its importance, the early years and primary school stages have received relatively little systematic study. There is an urgent need to address this critical phase.


ICSSPE is hosting an international symposium that will draw together current scientific understanding related to this fascinating topic. This event is sponsored by UNESCO, as part of its Participation Programme. Some of the world’s leading researchers in the field will be meeting in the beautiful lakeside hotel, HausRheinsberg Hotel am See, near Berlin, from 15th November to 17th November, 2017 in Germany.


  • Dr Jennifer Agans, Research Associate at Cornell University, and Assistant Director of the Programme for Research on Youth Development and Engagement, Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research (USA)
  • Dr Shawn Arent,  Associate Professor at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, and Director, IFNH Center for Health and Human Performance, and Director, Graduate Programme in Kinesiology and Applied Physiology (USA)
  • Prof. Richard Bailey,  Senior Researcher at ICSSPE, and former Founding Chair of Sport and Education, University of Birmingham (Germany and UK)
  • Prof. Jean Côté,  Professor and Director in the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies, Queen's University (Canada)
  • Dr Caterina Pesce, Associate Professor at Università di Roma "Foro Italico", and co-author of ‘Joy of Moving’ (Italy)
  • Prof. Philip Tomporowski, Professor at the University of Georgia, College of Education, and Director of the Physical Activity and Learning Programme (USA)

The discussion will cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Children’s physical, psychological, social, and intellectual development and the implications for their participation in physical activity and sport
  • Planning for developmentally appropriate activities
  • Creating positive movements environments
  • Play, practice, and the development of movement skills
  • Changing ideas about physical education and school sport

Teachers, coaches and scientists who engage with these topics are invited to join this event, share their expertise, and start to map out a new agenda of research, development, and practice related to physical activity and sport in the first ten years. We are particularly keen to attract a group of interested and engaged people who are ready, willing and able to collaborate, and hopefully think ‘out of the box’!


This is the second UNESCO seminar hosted by ICSSPE. The first was the highly successful Move and Improve meeting, which has become recognised as an important launch-pad in the growth of the new field of exercise neuroscience, and resulted in the publication of the comprehensive text Physical Activity and Educational Achievement: Insights from Exercise Neuroscience. Our expectation is that ‘The First Ten Years’ will has at least as powerful an impact.


The Symposium will start on 15th November at 14.00 and end on 17th November at 12.30h. The cost is just 290€ (which is inclusive of accommodation, food and drink, transport to and from the venue, and the entry to the event itself).


Please send the registration form to Andrea Blume if you are interested to participate in this event.

Telephone:      (+49) 30 311 023210

Email:             ablumeicsspe.org